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Titan Network Downtime
« on: November 03, 2011, 05:49:24 PM »
Several days ago, the Titan Network was hacked to include an intermittent malware payload on various pages throughout our sites. Based on the nature of the attack, we strongly suspect that this was the work of a script kiddie hitting random sites. We do not believe that Titan was specifically targeted here, and we do not believe that any user data was compromised.

As a result of this attack, we had to bring the entire Titan Network offline several days ago. Bringing the sites back online has been a bit slow-going as we're doing everything we can to put better security practices in to place to safeguard the site in the future.

Throughout this process, TonyV is making updates to the following post on the forums. It has more details on the nature of the attack and what has been done during the past few days in response to it. I strongly recommend reading over this thread to get a better idea of what's been going on:

If you visited any Titan Network site (including these forums, CIT, Faces, Ouroboros Portal, Red Tomax, and Paragon Wiki) between October 30 and October 31, we strongly recommend that you run a virus scan on your system. (Please read the above thread for some links to free virus scanners you can use if you do not already have one.)

Thank you for your patience as the Titan Network recovers from this unfortunate incident.