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You might want to post a linky
« on: November 15, 2011, 06:11:27 AM »
Like a lot of other people, the "/info" function has not been working lately to update my various toons.  Fine.  I knew about the Big Meltdown last weekend and figured Sentinel would be WAI within a few days.

When it STILL wasn't working today, I went to the Titan forums looking for answers or updates.  I saw that some people were reporting that Sentinel was now working correctly.  I attempted to login to the Forums to report that it wasn't working for me -- and that's when I ran into Problem 2.0

The forums would not recognize my password, EVEN THOUGH I WAS ALREADY LOGGED INTO CITY INFO TRACKER.  I used the the "forgot password" function twice and never received an email (and yes, I did check my "Junk" folder). 

So now I have 2 issues: Sentinel isn't working and I can't let you know it isn't working.

I was eventually able to solve the "unable to login to the forums" issue by searching NCSoft's forums.  My point (and I do have one) is that perhaps you should post a sticky for this issue so anyone else who can't login, can at least communicate with you.  A second option would be to post a link to the COH forum discussion that solves this problem.  I would place it in the "Announcements" section for the time being, where it's most visible.  (Later it could be moved to wherever you deem most appropriate.)

Anyway, GL with the rest of the "cleanup operations."  I'm off to try and see if Sentinel will accept my latest badges now.


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Re: You might want to post a linky
« Reply #1 on: November 15, 2011, 06:29:53 AM »
The Sentinel issue is a bit more complicated than the usual manifest update.  In short, the game changed on us enough that Sentinel's detection algorithms don't work any more.  Guy's working on a fix to update Sentinel.

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