Author Topic: Free (Unofficial) Tech Support Tool and/or Wiki Page concept  (Read 1349 times)


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Granted, this could easily exist and I simply don't know about it. Actually, I'm sure of atleast one player's site that we generally link to in the Official Forums, but anyway...
Since we (and by "We" I mean those that program for Titan, not me :-p) have all these other lovely tools for making gaming more enjoyable I was thinking that maybe we could piece something together to make getting to that point more enjoyable. Mind you, this was triggered while I was reading my "Network for Dummies" book tonite (trying to see how fast I can fill up my internal storage ;-D) so it's not totally random.
Alas, the tool would be in the form of a small program or Wiki page that would include links to things like the two most common troubleshooting tools (city helper and *brainfart*) as well as any applicable forum links. In the 1yr+ that I've been back from "game retirement" the most common questions get half hazzardly answered by those of us who forget such links or simply don't think about it.
An idea that came to mind was to include some sort of clipboard capture/separator function with the ability to say "click button #1 to post the first part in your forum" and so on. It doesn't 'sound' like alot of work to throw together...until you get into asthetics, etc of course. Additionally, perhaps include some sort of screen capture functionality that uses the OS's builtin api's.
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