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Character Testimonials
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Re: Character Testimonials
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(($deity, yes. We need more of these. For many of us, our characters and their stories are a big part of what we'll miss the most, so shouldn't they get a say, too?)) this thing on? Fine, fine. No, it's fine, stop fidgeting with it. Okay. Uh..yeah. So, I'm Hawthorne Grimm. I don't...really do the public speaking thing, but...yeah.

I currently live in St. Martial with my wife, but my home has always  been Kings Row. I won't bore you with my life story, but there's a few relevant bits I wanna touch on.

I was an orphan. With amnesia, no less. So, you know. I didn't exactly start out on the right foot. Actually, I was a criminal. Went by the name 'Grimrose,' back then. Ran with the Outcasts, after a stint with the Skulls didn't exactly work out. I was arrested by a hero, and that's the turning point.

I did my time in prison. Had more than one shot at breaking out of the Zig, and chose not to. I'd been shown that there was a better use for my abilities. I could protect people, instead of hurting them. I suppose, ultimately, that's why Paragon City is important to me. It showed me a better path. It took raw, angry materials and reforged them into an aegis for the common citizenry. The path to heroism is not an easy one. I've buried more than my fair share of friends, but I would never have met any of them if I hadn't been given the chance to turn my life around. To become one of the good guys.

Through Paragon City, I was reborn. Through Paragon City I met my family. Pulling Anastazia from that fire. Meeting a crying, stressed redhead who would later become my beautiful wife, Spectra. None of this would be possible, without the city that made me. The city I died defending, and came back again to protect. A city of heroes.

This is my city. They'll have to pry it from my cold, dead fingers.

((If these "pick up" I might post just one more...))
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Re: Character Testimonials
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Vanessa Tremaine - better known as Vandellia - glanced up at the sky, lit a cigarette and tried to ignore the cold, clawing feeling in her stomach that something wasn't right.

Although..this was Paragon. It's unofficial motto may as well have been 'something isn't right'.

25 years old, and with the ability to heal ridiculously quickly, she'd found a way to use that ability offensively, pushing bones out through her skin and using them as weapons. It wasn't the prettiest power in the world. She had to put up with a lot of puns - bone to pick, throw me a bone, boning, boning up on - she'd heard them all. And once in a while the incredulous cry of '..did you just throw your ARM at me?'  She'd arrived in Paragon a little over seven years ago, arriving from Cornwall, England via an attempt to bond with her father that hadn't really gone to plan. After only five days, she'd bolted from his apartment and ended up in Paragon City, a place where everyone was..different.

The first time she had arrived in Atlas Park, she'd stared awestruck at the huge statue. Then she'd stared at Ms Liberty. Then she'd stared even more at people walking past as guys in stupid t-shirts tried to steal bags off people. No-one had seemed all that interested in them, so she'd marched into City Hall to complain and emerged a few minutes later clutching a freshly laminated Vigilante card and the name of a fish that lived in the Amazon river and swam into...well..the urethra.

The name had - like the fish - stuck. In all her years in the city only one person had recognised it for what it was. Most people were just generally surprised she hadn't gone with Mistress Spiky or Lady Vanessa Bonedaggerofdarkness or something similar.

She'd risen through the ranks, foregoing a presentation of her Hero of the City medal because it seemed like a lot of unnecessary fuss. She'd battled aliens, gangs, zombies, mythical creatures, Nazis, soldiers, mages, assassins and her personal favourites, Freakshow. She'd seen the city come under attack from eternal winter, perpetual darkness and invading forces. And she'd never taken a life. She was proud of that.

She'd made friends - Frost, Dego, Ollie, Teek, Rick, Van, Leah, Pas, Grace, Soph, Arraz, Margie, Talia, Kara, Jack, Wolf, Beta, Faust, Mattias, Volt, Spencer, Maz, Cale, Beth, Ellie, Kichi, Shade and Roman. Some were still around. Some had fallen. Others had left, or retired.

Ness ran a hand through her pale blue hair, and studied the end of the cigarette, as if it held answers to a question she didn't know was being posed. The cigarette, being a cigarette, didn't offer much other than a glowing tip and the scent of tobacco.

A scream split the air, and she ditched the cigarette, breaking into a run that became a hop into the air, that became flight. All her years in the city and she hadn't managed to cure her fear of heights, so the 'air' actually consisted of about seven feet from the sidewalk, over the head of startled pedestrians.

The coming storm.. whatever it was? She'd face it. With her friends at her side. And if she went down, she knew she'd fall fighting for something she knew was right. And it would have been worth it.
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Re: Character Testimonials
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General Rhyolite welcomed Lady Quicksilver into Atlas Park, having watched her turn away from villainy with Scirocco's help. He had waited for her in Night Ward, braved the rising tides of the Rikti, fought off the evil businessmen from another dimension, and was now standing in the last refuge, the one place where there would be sanctuary: in Architect Entertainment, overlooking Atlas Plaza.

Vita Cuerpabuena had come from her home dimension to welcome them, and thenceforth would they go. Rhyolite held aloft his torch, one last time, before departing. Somehow, he knew, Paragon City would live again, as would the Rogue Isles, and Nova Praetoria, and everywhere else, and everyone else.


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Re: Character Testimonials
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((Seryha and her two best friends Maleilah and Dreysha watch as it all falls down.  Nothing remains except their memories.  Seryha recalling the first time she stepped into Atlas, Paragon.  Dreysha remembering the first heal she sent forth and Maleilah remembering the last time she ever set her imps out to do her will.  To serve the public trust is what they wanted and to live out their stories was their will.

Seryha-  My fire wielding Pyrae... your story will continue elsewhere and will develop to hopefully one day return to whence you came.

Dreysha-  My dimensionally different story.  In one world you are a healer, in the other you wield fire and ice with the majesty that befits you.  You too will also continue in another world to hopefully return to whence you came.

Maleilah-  Named after my little sister, you are at a stalemate with me and your story put on hold.  That doesn't mean that I don't care about you, it means the time I put in has come to a stop and the time that I will put into you will have to come at a later date.))

Seryha looks at her two friends and smiles broadly, "We have come a long way and we have gone a great distance to be the best that we could be... now it is time to move on."  Dreysha looked at her feeling saddened, "But my home is gone... everything that I know here will never be ever again."  Seryha brings her into a close hug and smiles, "I'm still here with you.  We have cultivated a wonderful friendship not only between us but with Maleilah here.  She's given us many things to laugh at!" She looks at Maleilah and purses her lips.  "What have you to say?"  Maleilah looks at her two friends, "I don't think it's over.  I think we've been granted a rest for the time being."  Seryha nods understanding her words.  She grabs them both into a group hug.  "I feel that way too.  It's not over until we say it's over... I have so much I can do yet still.  So chin up.  We'll find a new home soon."  Dreysha sighs heavily, "Well first let's find something to eat." 

((Their stories are not over as long as they are a part of me.))

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Re: Character Testimonials
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This is Crab Spider Webmaster KT-01 Kaiser Tarantula.  Why I'm recording this, I'm not sure, but unless I miss my guess, I'm looking at the end of the world here.  I feel compelled to detail my situation, and provide some sort of brief biography, in the event that something survives.

I am a Crab Spider Webmaster and an ex-soldier of Arachnos, an organization based in the Rogue Isles upon Grandville Island with cells worldwide.  A full history of the organization is outside the scope of this document, but suffice it to say that Arachnos is an organization whose webs of intrigue are spun across the known world.  It also maintains a significant number of overt agents besides, all under the watchful eyes of Lord Recluse.

I began my career as a Wolf Spider, after a thirteen year training regimen.  I remember nothing from before training, nor is it really important.  I have been told I was a worthless nobody prior to joining Arachnos, and given the state of the other recruits I saw when I completed my training and was given my first assignment, I'm tempted to agree with that assessment on grounds of plausibility.  I would later discover that my training was experimental and considered a failure due to the sheer amount of time it took, despite the fact that I'm one of the strongest Arachnos soldiers, both physically and mentally, in recorded history.  It was that discovery that made me want to teach them just how horribly right their training regimen had gone.

Arachnos espouses a degree of Social Darwinism, within the rule of Arachnos Law.  Arachnos Law is very simple; there is no justice in the world save for that which you are strong enough to make yourself - or in short, if you're strong enough to get away with it, then you get away with it.  Lord Recluse himself follows this creed, and makes most of the justice in the Rogue Isles by dint of his personal power and influence; this is most of what Arachnos is.  While most Arachnos Soldiers are satisfied with blind loyalty to Lord Recluse, I realized that there was no way that would lead to real power - that would require following the ideals of Arachnos more than the organization itself.  So, I looked for an opportunity to use Arachnos to my own ends.  That opportunity came with the launch of Project: DESTINY.

With the rise of superpowered villains, Arachnos, and Lord Recluse learned that one of them would be the key to his eventual victory over Paragon City, home of his most hated rival Statesman and his mewling Freedom Phalanx lackeys.  He had his Fortunata Corps of precognitive mentalist seers divine a list of possible villains that could assist him.  These villains would be given a measure of freedom and allowed to operate within the Rogue Isles unopposed so long as they followed the basic tenets of Arachnos law.  In order to sever myself from the Arachnos chain of command and obtain freedom to act as I pleased, I added my own name to this list surreptitiously.

The plan worked beautifully, and I was free to use Arachnos's advanced technology and the training I'd received to use to conduct a campaign of villainy across both the Rogue Isles and Paragon City.  My campaign earned the attention of the Patrons of Arachnos, Lord Recluses' four strongest Lieutenants, and I was prompted to choose a side.  I allied myself with Black Scorpion - though a simpleminded brute by nature, Black Scorpion knows much of technology and is savvy enough to bully the best weapon and armor engineers in the world to work on expanding the capabilities of his Scorpion Armor.  His technicians were also responsible for the development of the Arachnos Mace, signature weapon for many in the Arachnos Bane Spider Corps, and the Crab Spider Pack, the most recognizable feature of the Crab Spider Corps.  So, while he was a simpleton, he was a useful simpleton, and I found the conversations I had with his technicians about Arachnos technology quite enlightening.

Eventually however, Black Scorpion's ambitions ran afoul of Arbiter Daos, and that's where I was forced to choose a side once more - Betray Black Scorpion to keep from being executed by the Arbiters, or continue to work for him in hopes he could usurp Lord Recluse.  I'm not stupid - there is no way, come hell or high water, that someone as simplistic and thick-headed as Black Scorpion could usurp Lord Recluse.  So without a second though, I betrayed him.  I cleared my name, and oddly enough, Recluse ordered Black Scorpion to continue working with me more closely on Project: DESTINY.

The details are tedious, involving time travel to a possible outcome fifteen years from now, but it led to a discovery: for Recluse to succeed in taking over Paragon City, he and I would come to blows.  And, apparently, for him to succeed, I would need to die.  Not comfortable with being betrayed, I decided to take another option.  I defeated Lord Recluse in the future, and took his helmet as a trophy.  I then tossed it at the feet of Lord Recluse's current incarnation as a warning - defy me, use me, and you will suffer.  Lord Recluse was impressed, and said he considered me an equal.  I hold no such illusions, but I let him think that he had mollified me.  I had bigger plans.

Unfortunately, those plans have come to... not a whole lot now.  I'm most definitely looking at the apocalypse, and it's a lot more thorough and final-seeming than anything religion or science has come up with.  We're talking spontaneous cessation-of-existence levels of finality here.  In a matter of minutes, everything I've worked for will be gone.  I might have a means of surviving - it's sketchy, untested, wholly experimental and likely to fail, but hey!  I've endured worse odds.  If this message manages to survive the devastation, then I'm going to suggest to you something - don't look for me.  If you know what's good for you, you will drop this message where you find it, and run far, far away.

Because if it survived, then I survived, and that means I have a fresh, unspoiled world to take over.  A chance to succeed where even Lord Recluse himself failed.

That thought couldn't possibly make me happier.

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Re: Character Testimonials
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Re: Character Testimonials
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//Accessing Thought Process, November 30th, 2012.

//Please Wait...

//Archive found.

Standing here among so many heroes of this city that I have come to know and recognize over the years, it strikes me that all of it is going to be gone. Stories, legends, battles and friends, all of it will be gone in an instant.

I should know, I'm a computer run robotic being. Deleting data seems like an every day process to me, after giving the information I've collected daily to D.A.T.A. and the PPD, to find ways to further protect our city. It seems worthless now, for what it ended up to be.

But the information I've collected regarding the heroes and heroines I've served with... That will always be a part of my memory. That will not be gone, nor will I get rid of it.

I've served this city after being created by Omega Security Co., being the fifth in the series of security measures. The best of the best that mankind can create. I've lived, learned, and fought for what Paragon City's citizens and inhabitants needed: Peace, and peace of mind. This is where I began my 'life' as most would call it, and it will always be my home, no matter what the 'coming storm' may do to it.

Knowing the odds of success this time are infinitely low to save the city, I chose to make my leave. I need to serve others. I need to protect the unprotected. Save those whom need saving. It's what I'm programmed for... It's my 'life.' I only hope other heroes join me in finding another place to go. It seems... As the best decision to continue onward, even though I feel so... 'connected' here.

Being part of this giant group of beings called 'super heroes,' I hope others heed the call to save others, even if it's outside our beloved city.

... Love?

//End Of Archive.

//Omega Mark V. Version 5.053.0992 Omega Security Corporation.
- Omega Mk. V


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Re: Character Testimonials
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+++Selected File+++ FBSA20121130_ID11185

+++Begin Playback+++

A man sits in a chair at a simple table in a bare room.  One empty chair sits opposite him on the other side of the table.  The man is wearing a suit and is tapping at a laptop computer.  He pushes a button on the microphone in front of him.

FBSA Agent: "Next."

The agent sighs.  After a moment the door opens and a tall woman enters the small room, ducking her head to clear the doorway.  She is clad in black armor with a crested helm.  A pair of horns sprout from the side of her head and a thick tail peeks out from under her crimson cape.  Her skin is nearly the same color as her cape, a ruddy red shade.  A large katana is sheathed on her right hip, and her right hand rests comfortably on the handle.  The woman walks with a distinctive gait due to her double-jointed legs and large hooves.  The door closes behind her.

FBSA Agent: "Name."

The agent does not look up from his computer.  The woman removes her helmet and holds it in the crook of her left arm.  Her long black ponytail and irisless eyes are now fully visible.  She stands still with a stiff military posture.

Serkana: "Serkana Sofia Theokleia."

The woman says the name quickly and confidently, tapping her right fist to her breastplate.

FBSA Agent: "Serkana; also known as The Centurion, The Demon, and The Praetorian Guard."

The agent glances up from his computer screen to see the seven-foot tall woman gazing down at him.  He glances back at his computer and continues.

FBSA Agent: "Praetorian.  Entered Paragon City three years ago.  Primary weapon; blade implement.  Abilities include physical strength, melee weapon proficency, moments of near invulnerability, incredible toughness and endurance, high resistance to Psionics-"

Serkana: "I am well informed as to my own abilities, sir.  Would you mind explaining as to why this interview is necessary?"

The woman spoke quickly and to the point.  The agent continued.

FBSA Agent: "You have accomplished much since your arrival: numerous battles with Arachnos, 5th Column, and the Rikti.  You became a member of the Midnighters and thwarted several dangerous plots by the Circle of Thorns.  I am even told you were involved with the Freedom Phalanx in the events leading up to the death of Statesman and the defeat of Darrin Wade."

The agent looked up from his screen and folded his hands in front of him.

FBSA Agent: "A very accomplished career, do you agree?  You have saved Paragon City and the world from threats within and without.  Paragon City has never been safer.  In fact, our fair city is safe enough that you are no longer needed."

Serkana leaned forward slightly.

Serkana: "Excuse me?"

FBSA Agent: "Your services to Paragon City and The United States of America are appreciated and will not be forgotten.  But as a member of the FBSA, I must request that you relinquish your weapon and armor to us for safekeeping, as well as cease and desist all heroic actions from this moment forward.  If you do not comply, we will be forced to take more unpleasant actions."

Serkana stood silently for a moment, a scowl deepening on her face.

Serkana: "You expect me to give you my sword?  This sword is my life, my purpose!"

Serkana has removed the katana from her belt, but it is still sheathed.  She grips it in her hand and gestures with it.

FBSA Agent: "There is no reason to get upset Serkana.  We can work something out.  All we ask is coopera-"

Serkana: "Cooperation?  You expect me to simply roll over and die?  You expect me to simply give up? You sound like Arachnos now."

Serkana glances around, looking at the corners of the room.

Serkana: "This is a trick! This is a trick I will not fall for!"

Serkana draws her katana.

FBSA Agent: "Whoa whoa.  Put the weapon away."

The agent pushes a button near his laptop, causing alarms to blare.  Serkana shakes her head in disgust.

Serkana: "Fool.  If I had wanted to harm you I would have done so already."

Serkana places her helmet back onto her head and turns toward the door.  She swings her katana at the metal door, cutting off its hinges in one quick stroke.  She then kicks the door out into the hallway with a powerful kick from one of her hooves.

FBSA Agent: "If you leave this room you will never be allowed to return to Paragon City!  You will be killed on sight!"

Serkana stops and then turns toward the flustered agent.

Serkana:"I am accustomed losing my home.  I am a Praetorian remember?  There were reasons why I left my home to come to this one, but now I wonder why I did."

Serkana turns and strides out of the room, flanked by a dozen Vanguard Soldiers who escort her out of the building.

+++File Ends+++

+++Replay? (Y/N)+++

Matthew Habashy held his face in his hands, appalled at what he just watched.

"Paragon City.  Who will defend you when all the defenders have gone?"
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Re: Character Testimonials
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((I'll add stories to this, sans the end of the world stuff. CoH may be gone, but Paragon, and my characters, will always exist within me. They still live...))

Kiara Drako had always found peace here, among the floating islands of Ouroboros. A distant part of her wondered if the Menders would ever truly accomplish their task. If, and when, they did ... would they remove this realm? What then would become of her favorite place to meditate? What would become of the place where she rediscovered her identity, and was reunited with her love?

The thought of losing access to this island was unpleasant. So, she chose to yet focus on happy memories. Those memories were the reason she felt as connected to this place as she did.

Was it two years already? It had to have been at least one. Kiara arrived in Paragon City, on this realm called Earth, after having left her home. The land of the Whispering Winds was no longer the place for her. Not after she met her Eternal, the dragon King Alexander. He opened her eyes to so many things. She fell deeply, and hopelessly in love with the eternal dragon who never appeared to her outside of his dragon form.

Oh, she knew he could change. She knew he was an ancient and powerful being. But his human form was just one, of many, things he'd kept from her. For as much as she showed him her love, and even once proclaimed it, he kept her at arm's reach. It was a pain almost too much to bear. But worse would be the pain of ever losing him.

She felt unworthy of his love, after a time. Amongst the other gods, she was young and also a half blood. Her mother's brief affair with a human man brought her into this world. Kiara never thought that a disadvantage, until she thought it might've been why her Eternal would not return her love.

But from the moment he arrive in the Whispering Winds, until the day he did disappear, Eternal protected her fiercely. In many instances, there was no need for protection. It would be Kiara's cousin Liandra who would prove the biggest threat. Liandra was a full goddess, and envied of Kiara's blood inheritance to the fire throne. Kiara tried to ignore her cousin's ire, as she tended to the mortals of the realm. Kiara would never neglect those who worshiped her. In Liandra's eyes, it was Kiara's biggest weakness. In the eyes of the other gods, it was foolery to show any respect for the mortals.

Eternal took in her compassion. Kiara saw in his eyes, the emotions he denied from his lips. Would he ever tell her?

He would not. Instead, he would vanish Whispering Winds without her.

It was not long after, that Kiara left herself. She long carried the guilt of leaving the mortals behind, at the whims of the other gods, but Whispering Winds was no longer her home and there was only so much she could do against the others. So she left, and traveled to dimensions far and wide, helping those she found in need. But the purpose of her life had long since vanished from her heart.

For some time, she had a traveling companion. It was with him that she arrived in Paragon City. But he too would vanish, causing Kiara to question the validity of her own existence. This Paragon City had remarkable beings of its own. How could it be that there were others here with powers great and strong? Perhaps ... perhaps it was time to return her life to the Eternal Flame. Her life would end in this form. But the Eternal Flame would accept her. The Eternal Flame was all existing, and through it she could be a guide, a blessing to one worthy of such a gift of power as this.

If her life was no longer of use ... she would relinquish it.

Kiara would never forget that day. When she was resolute in her decision, and it was only a matter of time before she brought herself up to completing the task. it was the day that Liandra found her.

The skies darkened in a manner unnatural to the weather. An angry voice cackled across the clouds. Liandra descended, and the battle of deific blood against deific blood ensued. Relinquishing her life was one thing. But Kiara would not allow her cousin's envy to rip it from her.

Kiara survived the attack that spanned across the city, but at the cost of her memories. She awoke in medical center. There were no machines or wires. She did not think of it at the time, but now, as she reflects, she figures there could have been no way for the instruments to have been inserted into her skin.

A goddess, and a Time Lord greeted her when she awoke. All Kiara could remember was fear. But the two showed her kindness instead. The sun goddess took her in, providing her with room and board. Kiara could not recall the last time she'd received such kindness with nothing expected in return. Typically, she had performed some act and garnered worship. It was not something she relished, and so she would move on. But these who have seen her at her lowest, took her in without question.

But they did more than that ... through fate's hand, these would be the people who reunited her with her love, her Eternal.

A young man had access to the lair in which Kiara took residence after her release from the medical center. He was a fire wielder, new to his powers, uncertain of where they had come from. For some reason, young Alexander was drawn to her. Kiara thought this as nothing more than attraction to the Eternal Flame that resided in them both. Yes, she felt it, the draw, but that was all that it was. Or so she thought.

As the two spent time together, Kiara was still distant, albeit thankful to spend time talking with one who could understand so much. But then ... it all began to change.

Among the floating islands of Ouroboros, Alexander encouraged her to find the strength within to reconnect deeper into the flame. Through it, and through her powers, he was confident she would find the answers to who she was. He was right. In peace, she found strength. That strength allowed her to summon the fire guardians she'd forgotten she had. They rejoiced when they saw her, dancing around her in happy sorrow; sorrow for having lost her, and joy for being reunited with her again. Then ... they merged.

The merge brought her memories surging to the forefront. It was a powerful connection. Once it was complete, Kiara began to sense something more from the young Alexander. What could possibly be hiding in such a young mortal? The energy was muddled. She could not place it at first. But soon, she did. She gasped, as tears flooded her eyes. How could she reach her Eternal inside? How could she will him to remember? She had to keep her emotions together. But, would he accept her once he pulled through the chasm? Or would he reject her again?

There was only one way to find out. She encouraged Alexander in much the same way as he did her. She allowed her, now stronger, connection to the flame to encompass and empower him. It proved unnecessary though, as she should've figured it would. Her Eternal was powerful, and lie trapped inside, but his strength still remained. He awakened within the young mortal. His body began to change with the transformation. Kiara could no longer keep the tears at bay. And she was done for when Eternal proclaimed what she'd waited half a century to hear from him.

He proclaimed his love.

Paragon City would be her home now. She found love, life, and once again her purpose; to protect this city by her husband's side. As time drew on, the dangers they faced and pains they endures, the two made a pact. They would not spend their lives as they did in the past. They would not neglect of themselves or each other, strictly for the sake of always protecting those who would forever need protection.

They would alternate between their work and retirement, spending equal amounts of time in each. They would rediscover each other in their time away, and they would worry not, for their daughter would protect the city in their stead. Sera Delina, their twice blessed gift, was stronger than her parents combined.

Paragon City brought Kiara's family to life. Life, love, and purpose were found here...
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Re: Character Testimonials
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To whom it may concern,

I know I have long proven to be an enigma, even to those who I confessed my sordid story to. Those of you to who I refer, know that even then I did not reveal my entire genesis. I am reticent here to do so, not so much out of a concern that the information might be used against me, but more so out of the fact that it is simply not important.

I have served many roles in my time in both the Rogue Isles and Paragon City. I was long under the assumption that, by acting only as a tool for the goals of others, I could personally keep my conscious free of any moral liability.

In other words, I was just another thug for hire.

Over the years, the guilt of espionage, subversion, assassination, and theft for both the worlds of good and evil began to weigh heavily on me. Disillusioned, I left the world of Heroes and Villains, retreating to a place that I believed I could find solace; The Chantry. Faathim and I spoke, taught, and meditated for what felt, and very well may have been, eons. Upon my emergence from the Shadow Shard, I found doing something I had never done before; taking up my own cause.

Words became my primary weapon, and hubris my shield. Armed with these two indomitable powers, I sought to undermine the fallacies of good and evil, right and wrong. These were merely labels for two factions in an endless war. I discovered that, in this city of heroes, the two real forces in competition were violence and peace...and neither Arachnos nor Longbow were interested in the more benevolent of the two. It became my mission to try and promote peace as much as possible, by any means. Whether this meant working with the blackest of hearts or chivalrous heroes did not matter to me.

As I tried my best to promote the ways of quiescence, I began to understand achieving this goal was naive and impossible. Discouraged, I diminished from the world once more, reluctant to involve myself in the drawn out festival of brutality. Aloof, alone, I found no solace, for I could not escape my own thoughts. I began to seek out the only thing which could put an end to their constant howling; friendship.

Long had I abstained from emotional involvement in my life. To do so harkened back to a time in my life I would prefer be left unremembered. I chose to act as a professional, and in this regard I excelled at pushing others away. Perhaps if I had been more willing to reach out to those around me, I may have been more successful in my quest for peace, but it is difficult to say. Regardless, when I did start to learn to become social and caring again, I was finally able to breathe freely. I became content, and could not bring myself to do anything other than maintain this inner joy.

Friends, the few of you who know me, do not lament. By the time you have read this, I will have at long last been welcomed into the blanketing embrace of the death long denied me. No more need I hang my head low in shame every time my body mends itself. No more must I listen to the miserable screams of thousands of lives lost. I am at peace.

I ask simply that you remember me for who I was, both at my best and at my worst. They are one in the same. I hope dearly that you may find good fortune in all of your future endeavors, no matter what they be. I will be watching you from inside my long rest.

Au revoir, mes amis.

Drake Oneir

Sarge Morris

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Re: Character Testimonials
« Reply #11 on: December 04, 2012, 01:38:19 AM »
Department of the Army
United States Army Garrison White Plains
95th Paranormal Ranger Regiment
Paragon City, RI XXXXX-XXXX

Orders 370-985
31 August 2012


You will proceed on permanent change of station as shown.  Information concerning your port call will be provided separately.

Assigned to: Co. HHC 1st Bn 95th Para Rgr Rgt (WBAVCU) MILLENNIUM CITY MI XXXXX
Reporting date: 10 December 2012
Additional instructions: (a) To recieve clearance papers you must attend an out-processing briefing held every Monday and Wednesday at 1300 hours, Vanguard facility briefing room, NLT 30 calendar days prior to your departure date.  Upon receipt of these orders, report to your Troop Medical Clinic (TMC) for medical screening.  Soldier on orders for overseas assignment must have a negative HIV test within 6 months of the reporting date to the overseas command, documented on DA Form 4036-R.  Final out-oricessing will not be allowed until proof of results for the HIV test is provided to Central Clearance.  You must bring one (1) copy of orders and an approved DA Form 31 (Leave Form) with control number to the brief.  Soldiers must attend the brief and conduct all out-processing in duty uniform (ACUs).
(b) You must meet the physical fitness and weight standards outlined in AR 600-9.  You are responsible for reporting to your next duty station in satisfactory physical condition and be able to pass an APFT.
(c) You are authorized two pieces of accompanied baggage aboard the aircraft with a combined weight not to exceed 100 pounds.  Neither piece may exceed 50 pounds in weight or 62 linear inches.  You are also authorized one piece of carry-on baggage not to exceed 45 linear inches.
(d) You are authorized shipment of your privately owned vehicle.  Soldier elects to ship POV from the Paragon City RI VPC.
(e) Anticipated date of loss: 1 December 2012
(f) Early report authorized

Auth: DA ORD dtd 120112
Enlistment/REENLB indicator: N/A
Projected specialty: N/A
Pers con no: N/A
Con specialty: N/A
Pers security code: N/A
CIC:  725B58
Format: 410



//original signed//
J. Thomas Kirk
Chief, Reassignment Processing Center


Orders.  What do I know about orders?

Go here.  Do that.  Shoot this bad guy.  Capture him.  Assault that hill.  Hold that line. 

Stay off my grass.

Its all about orders.

Do I agree with them?  I'm a Soldier.  Its not my place to agree with orders.  I go where I'm told.  I fight what I'm told to fight. 

Since 23 May 2002, me and my boys have been on the ground, providing support where it was needed.  And man, was it needed.  Even with the Vanguard and Longbow, they were consistently undermanned to say the least.  So we stood to, and we fought.

What do we know about Rikti?  Not a damn thing.  Never dealt with true aliens before, but it falls under the purview of the paranormal, so we got drafted into that mess.  Well, not drafted, per se.  We all volunteered for the Army, we volunteered for the Airborne, we volunteered for the Rangers, and when we got selected, we volunteered for the paranormal regiment.  But we got orders to go.  So we went. 

Stumbled into Pandora's box, we did.  First figured it was just aliens, and at first it was.  For a long time, we had our hands full with the Rikti. 

Time went by, like it always does, and we began to make progress, pushed the Rikti back, held the line against 'em.

Started getting other taskings, other calls for help.

Hey, there's this vampire lair over here, can you help with them? 

Hey, there's these werewolves doing things to civilians, could you stop that?

Holy crap, the Nazis are creating these werewolves and vampires!  Could you take care of that in between Rikti skirmishes?

Now there's these ghosts running around...  And the Shivans...  And Rularuu's making noises again....  Canya...  y'know...  Do something?

Yeah.  We can do something.  We can do more than something.  We can fight, and we can win.

Lost a lot of good men in the process, but for a long time, we were one of the many groups that helped hold the line against the darkness in any form it took, going so far as to assist in purely kinetic operations against relatively normal bad guys.  A welcome respite from the weirdness that so plagued our regimental tasking, but worth it.  So totally worth it.  Lost count of how many good civilians got pulled out of the fire.  Even through the worst, through Galaxy City and our sorties after that got hit, we pulled the civilians out of the line of fire. 

One of the perks of the gig, I suppose. 

But now, as we say, on to bigger and better things.  Apparently we've done our bit for the folks of Paragon City.  Time to move on, head to Millennium City, help out there for a bit. 

I can't say I've ever gotten comfortable operating on American soil, even with the special dispensations in place due to emergency and the like.  But at least with us operating in the States, we're directly helping Americans, so I guess I'm all right with that.

I might not think we're done protecting Paragon City, but who the hell am I?  I'm just a Soldier.  I do my duty.  I shoot bad guys.

Well, used to.  Damn promotion.  Damn desk job.  Stuck coordinating operations and yelling at dumb privates to stay off my grass, get a haircut, get their hands out of their pockets, uncuff your sleeves.  But you can't be disciplined in great things and undisciplined in small things.  Just doesn't work that way. 

So, once more, we'll follow our orders, we'll go where others fear to go, and we'll do our job, whatever it ends up being. 

Orders.  What do I know about orders? 

A lot.


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Re: Character Testimonials
« Reply #12 on: December 05, 2012, 04:01:25 AM »
Dante Moretti: I have been a part of Kings Row for quite some time now. I have molded and shaped that town to fit my needs. It has taken nearly most of my career as an organized Criminal but now none of the gangs, clockwork or any other beings exist here anymore without my permission. Crime rates have dropped by 96% Rape is unheard of in the city limits and the money I have been gaining through my drug and slave trade has increased my wealth dramatically so that Now that I can begin my rebuilding project of Kings Row.

The plans I had were going to shape and mold all of those old buildings and dusty graffiti filled streets into a shining metropolis that will make Skyway and Atlas city and even Founders Falls all look like Detroit!
Now my plans are ruined and the entire Paragon city will fall into a desperate state of disrepair! What do you think is gonna happen without me around to "force" order onto the people? To pay off the mayor and police and other super heroes who have left the city in order to keep my justice?

NCSoft not only destroyed a community but a whole city of peoples hopes of living in a better place

You destroyed peoples homes,Millions have lost their jobs and countless people are now homeless since the end of Paragon City!
Not to mention all of my master plans and hard work are down the tube as well.

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Re: Character Testimonials
« Reply #13 on: December 05, 2012, 07:50:36 PM »
Crimson Crush, no, it was just Travis Kirkwall now, looked out over Praetoria.  It was quiet.  Uncharacteristically quiet.  The Resistance did not plot in the streets or skulk among the shadows.  The Devouring Earth seemed content to simply nest or set down roots for the night.  Even the remnants of the Destroyers didn't rage in the streets, blood-mad and howling from a Fixadine overdose.  It's as if, tired of the fighting, the entire city had just called truce and turned in for the night.

It was a welcome change.

Earlier that week, Travis had been fighting upon the blasted ruins of the Rikti War Zone, alongside dozens if not hundreds of Primal Earth's finest heroes and most dastardly villains.  They had fought the Battalion, incarnate-eating extradimensional invaders bent on consuming all sources of incarnate power, and annihilating all who would oppose them.  His tremendous rage and a concrete-festooned girder had helped to pound in the heads of dozens of the Battalion's Shivan troops and even connected with the faces of two of the Battalion themselves.

All of this, so some nightmarish cross between Rularuu and the very Tyrant he'd fought to oppose could split Primal Earth off into Dreamspace, where it would be safe from the Battalion.  Travis didn't know the details, but he was used to working with the 'enemy' for a common goal.  He learned later that the split, though it would save Primal Earth and all the refugees of Praetoria, would also cut them off from all the other universes they'd explored.  The isolation was necessary; the very same barrier between Dreamspace and realspace that kept the Battalion out also kept Primal Earth in.  But it wasn't impermeable, at least not yet.

Travis used the opportunity to make one last trip 'home' - To Praetorian Earth, where he'd been born and raised.  It was dangerous, moreso now than ever, and almost strange, given how much it had changed since he left.  But it was still home.  Taking a seat upon the bench in a bus stop, Travis set down the seven foot long rebar-concrete-and-girder mace that had become his signature weapon, the weight of it breaking hairline cracks in the asphalt as it hit the ground.  A half-functioning Clockwork spotted it and struggled to try and drag it out of the street, only to blow a couple fuses and fall over from the strain.  Travis shook his head and chuckled.

His head then felt like it'd been split open.  The whole world around him seemed to tremble and twist a bit.  He shook his head - was this some kind of attack?  Maybe psychic?  No... he was familiar with psychic attacks, and not even the Rikti, the Seers, or even Mother Mayhem herself could produce something like this.  It was as if reality itself was tearing and his mind was screaming as it tried to come to grips with the fact.

The barrier - the barrier between realspace and dreamspace was the reason!  It had to be - he had taken too long, spent too much time, and now Primal Earth was separating from the rest of the multiverse for good.  He had to get back to the TUNNEL network, had to get back to Primal Earth, back... home...

Travis blacked out.  Whether it was from the strain of being at ground zero during a dimensional anomaly or from injury inflicted by the anomaly itself, he'd never know.  But when he came to, he was somewhere... else.

"What luck, master!"  A tiny, annoyingly whiny voice cackled.  "An unconscious Champion, just laying there for us to use!  And look at his physiology!  That gland that produces the strength-enhancing chemical!  Imagine if we were to..." With those words, a sharp stabbing pain drilled its way into Travis's forehead, and he passed out once more.

Travis's mind fell into a deep, scarlet, roiling haze - something he was very familiar with.  This was the depths of his anger, fueled by the Fixadine perpetually cycling through his bloodstream due to the mutant gland in his head.  His will was incredible, but something was deliberately encouraging his body to overdose him.  He felt the need to crush, wreck, smash... DESTROY!

Travis's eyes snapped open, all sense of pain and disorientation suddenly gone.  Through the red haze of his bloodshot vision, he took in a dimly-lit warehouse interior, set up as a makeshift medical facility.  A surgical table and a rolling cart topped with rusty tools was directly in front of him, stained with blood.  His blood.  Roaring in rage, Travis found his limbs bound.

That lasted all of four seconds.  Ripping the chains and shackles that bound his arms and legs to the wall behind him, Travis began to lay waste to the surgical equipment, his hulking fists bending and tearing metal apart like it was tissue paper.  Chain-wrapped knuckles pounded concrete walls, plowing through them like balsa as Travis made his way out.  He found no sign of his captors or whatever hideous little cretin had dared to confine him.

Punching his way through a perfectly-serviceable door, Travis found himself outside, terrifying several civilians.  People stared at him in disbelief and horror.  "Holy crap!  First the Qularr, now this?!"  one cried in dismay.  "W-What sort of infernal chaos spawned YOU?!"  another asked incredulously.  Travis, realizing how dangerous he was to innocent civilians in his blind rage, clamped down upon it, asserting his will and forcing the supernatural anger down.  It was hard, harder now than it had ever been before, but he managed to cope.

Looking at himself, Travis realized that he'd been... changed.  Great claws extended from the ends of his fingers and toes, replacing his fingernails.  Bright red spikes studded his body.  He found it difficult to stand straight upright, and he found himself gravitating towards a primal, almost simian slouch.  His jaws were wide, filled with sharper, more predatory versions of human teeth.  A long, reptilian tail grew from his spine, counterbalancing his slouching posture - it was covered with the same fearsome spikes as the rest of him.  For all the world, he looked like a great red demon.

Looking towards the citizen that had questioned him, Travis sighed.  The Crimson Crush was no more, but it seemed that fate wasn't about to let him get out of the hero business just yet.  He had a score to settle, and needed to find a way back to Primal Earth... if it was even possible.  Crimson Chaos... that had a nice ring to it.  "A crimson one, apparently.  Now where am I?"

The citizen gulped and trembled.  "M-Millenium City.  A bunch of aliens called the Qularr are attacking, so the p-place is kind of a m-"

Travis cut him off.  "That's all I need to know.  An alien invasion, eh?  Perfect.  I could use something to work out some stress on.  Take your buddy over there and get to safety.  I got some bugs to squish."

The Qularr's bad day was about to get a whole lot worse.

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Re: Character Testimonials
« Reply #14 on: April 22, 2016, 04:51:08 AM »
"Super Fire Dragon is my name and I like cheese, oh and keeping the peace."

"Super Kollider here, I'm big, I'm mean and I'm robotic."

"Flower Night they call me.  I used to be a trainer in outbreak, but when that crisis was over, they said, 'Kid, thanks for your service' and then they took my 'K' away."

"Freda, I play with fire, and they let me."

"Yeah, like I'm a super hero, <laughs> man."  Super Stoner

"By day I rid the city's budget of accounting errors and mismanagement.  But at night, I used my ... "
"He uses his baked potato power."
"Queit Dr. Wos.  I use my living rock power to rid the city of bad guys."

"Nobody likes fat.  Fat is good.  fat works.  I'll show them, the fools."  The Fattinator

"Ok my name is my job, The Paragon Avenger."

"Deary, they want interesting stories about heroes and villains.  I started out as, well don't tell Kolinda, but I added my name to the list of chosen ones.  I became an Arachnos Fortunata.  Then I decided to work for myself, one can make more money that way.  Well, I had to leave the Rogue Isles and I came to love Paragon City.  I became a hero to battle the enemies of Arachnos like the Vaz. and the Circle.  My name?  Well, deary, I'm Kolissa."

"That was interesting, my story goes the other way, before they allowed just anybody to go either way.  You see, I'm a villain, by court order.  I was fighting some stupid Hellions in Galaxy City and whamo, Chris Jenkins sues me.  The judge says prison or give up your powers.  After I broke out, I had to be a villain.  The Freedom Avenger."

"My story isn't interesting.  I'm kitten man, and I have a pet German Shepard."

"See, that explains why I was made.  I am Overseer Bot.  I am from a much improved future were manknid serves us robots.  People have everything they need.  Food, clothing, shelter, medicine, recreation, art, music, and so forth.  They just are not allowed to do anything without proper approval from the machine."

"And they think I'm creepy.  Sure I'm a necromancer and I dress Goth.  And I met my last boy friend after his autopsy.  But I'm a nice girl.  The kind you might want to bring home to your mother, as long as she's dead.  My name is Necrophillia, I spell it that way to make it a girl's name."

"Yikes, how does one follow that.  I'm a doctor and a good one.  I have no patients.  It's their prejustice.  I'm not bitter, I'm a super hero.  I use radiation to fight crime.  And I practice medicine on my teammates.  Once you rez a blaster, there are no more short jokes.  Dr. Xavier Rayes a.k.a. Dr. X-Rays."

"Thanks Doc!  I'm a doc too. Dr. Wos, it's an anagram for sword, because I'm a braodsword scrapper."
I don't know when City of Heroes will return, or do I?


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Re: Character Testimonials
« Reply #15 on: April 28, 2016, 05:59:28 PM »
"I'm not a hero. No matter what some may have you believe, no matter what some may still be trying to desperately convince you...I'm not a hero. I've told them this. Time and time again. I've sworn this simple fact, I've fought, argued and generally been an overbearing ass to try and dissuade their opinions...but it appears you just can't stop others from having their own opinions...their own beliefs.

Hah. There's irony somewhere in that, I'm sure. Some sort of karma coming back to bite me in th' arse for what I've done. But enough of that. Enough of opinions. You want...what? The truth? No. You want a truth. Everyone has their own version of it. Every bastard their own version of how the story goes. So here's mine. It ain't pleasant. It ain't pretty. It's a shitstorm of betrayal, blood, hatred and rage. It's something you humans brought on yourself long ago and now I'm stuck here because of it.

You see...this world...this not my home. I'm a stranger here, more alien than the Rikti your human papers love to bash and hate on. More alien than most...well, save the odd one or two I met in my time. It appears us outsiders tend to have a closer bond of sorts. Strange how that works.

I lived on a world...that once was like your own. A long time ago...many moons, many generations before I was born. We still had the ruins and everything, though nature had clawed that all back. It was...well, not a world friendly to human life. The air was thick, smothering and pretty sure it would have killed one of your kin. But to let us thrive. It let us survive.

Can't say my people were...the best. We were raiders. Thugs, fighters, scrappers. Brawlers. We got in fights, we picked fights, we generally were a pain in th' arse to all others on the world. We took what we want and if someone insulted kicked off even more. But that life had risks, you know? Lot of death. Lot of memories.

Feth...forgot your kin don't use the same terms. Fine. I'll explain. Quickly. My people...we didn't do graves. We didn't do statues or plaques. Almost all our history...our lore...was spoken. One of the clan was the keeper of Memory. He told the stories. He carried the spear. He remembered those who died and ensured they would be honoured for what they did. Honour was important to my people...spoken word very much our own self imposed law. Not something many of you humans ever seemed to understand.

During one of these raids...I got caught. By the Legion. Big ass nation, kind of like your ancient romans. You know, phalanxes, conquest, colosseums...the works. And being the stubborn and violent bastard I was I ended up in the fighting pits. There...well...there I suppose my story begins. There I formed bonds of honour with six of the others. Two scorpii thief girls. A Mantii exile. An Arachne radical. A Legion soldier who somehow defied orders...and a pink skinned runt that I would eventually realise was human.

We fought good. We survived. And eventually we started to inspire others. Suppose you could call it a rebellion. Big formal event, we got free, all hell broke loose. My own clan showed up too...they'd been hunting for me it seemed. Wanted to save me. Fancy that. But's hard to describe. The air...shimmered. Things got hazy...lot of static. Lot of strange sounds...and I ended up in Portal Corp with another.

I said this was a tale of betrayal..but have never really voiced it til now. So sit down, shut up and don't you dare move or I'll fucking gut you and find someone who will listen. You betrayed me. Humans. You stole me from what was likely the most important fight of my life. And many years later, when I finally got to go home...I learned that because of that my friends died. My cause died and ultimately the events that led to my world's death started...then.

Didn't get better. You thought you had saved me. You thought my scars, my blood, my weapons meant I needed saving from some pink skinned meat sacks. Yet within days of your rescue Arachnos came and took me. Abducted twice in two days...but unlike Portal Corp...they knew what I was.

The Spiders...did things. They put things into my mind. Triggers, conditions, years of training to augment my ability to kill further. I eventually drove that out...but it was almost as great a betrayal as any other. Violating my mind like that. That folks, is the reason I've always been so...short around you telepath and psychic types. My word is my mind is my sanctuary though.

Long story short. Spiders made me a weapon. I did the whole hunting and killing thing a few years. Then the spiders realised their beloved prophecy....the chosen one and all that crap...was horribly wrong. That it meant I was going to kill their leader, their organisation and the whole damn world. So they turned on me. First the Shark..though to be fair we really didn't have a relationship born of trust. Just...more two Alpha predators realising the other existed and keeping them close...just in case. And then the whole bloody lot. I became an outcast. A renegade. And I brought Recluse his future self's head as my glorious Fuck You before making my way out of that mess.

But it's hard to find a new home...a new clan. Even though I had turned on the Spiders...the Hero types still saw me as a murderer. A weapon who could, in an instant bring down one of their shining beacons of hope. I could. I still can. Even with the long passage of time I'm probably still one of the deadliest combatants alive and you lot know it. They wouldn't speak with me. They wouldn't risk it.

Oddly enough these shining examples of what is right in the world care more about public impressions than doing what is right. In the end...was the Rock that found me. Maggie and her family, bringing a monster into the fold. Giving him a clan...a place to belong. Smart woman. She realised one of the best ways to 'tame' me was to figure out what was absent. My clan. My kin. My sense of belonging. So...she 'adopted' me. Not legally. That would be weird. No, unofficial like. Considered me part of her family. Not just the Rock. Her own family.

Strange relationship. She was a healer. She was dedicated to helping and saving others. She brought life...and I brought death. Others saw it too. Oddly, this was the thing that made our relationship seem...solid. True brother and sister as it were. Life and Death. Part of the same clan. Others in her clan considered me kin as well...

It was there that...well.

It was them who first started saying I was a hero. Not a monster. Not a weapon. Not a murderer. A hero. I protected those who needed protection. I fought for those who could not fight. That, they told me meant I was not this abomination I had always been considered...but something more.

But I know well enough my methods were...extreme. Eventually Maggie got me to promise to stop killing...humans at least. If it wasn't human it was still free game. Something the 'demons' of the Circle came to know well enough. When I came across something I could let loose on...well...suffice to say more than one young hero had to get counselling afterwards. Apparently the words 'shitstorm of gore' didn't do my rampages justice. But eventually...some of the hero types came to accept me.

I worked with a few groups. Not quite mercenary...not quite...legit. Sort of the lesser of two evils deal for some. The Palladium Sentry...well. That was odd. Their leader at the called Sheppard. He believed in me. Like....legitimate belief. He saw something in me, like Maggie did. He had faith I was more than the monster some of their members considered me to be. So he kept putting me in situations. Situations them? Show me? Situations to make me do the right thing. The man did one hell of a job changing public opinion....

But things got complicated. Gods got involved. I died. I came back. I served as a general in a death god's army for a while. And I lost myself. Family grew distant, moods became volatile. I slipped. I'll admit I slipped. But then they brought me back again. These people who believed. These people...who were family. Friends. Strange things I was not used to.

In time...I can't really say.

I settled? I found my niche? I never considered myself a hero...and I know there are some who never considered me one either. They accepted my help reluctantly. There was still a lot of hate aimed at me. But even some of their groups...I suppose trusted me.

Xanatos. He was an odd one. Once I had been prepared to kill him. Once we fought. Hell, once I even helped abduct him. But now...I say he's a friend. An outsider like me. He comes to me time to time. For a talk. For when he has doubts. It's strange how the advice of someone like me helps someone like him.

Strange indeed.

Worst bit? I've told you all this. Told you all of it. That I killed. That I hunted. That I'm not a hero.

But ye're going to fething well ignore that bit, aren't you?"

Jake Love - also known as Flea to some. (Code names: Evil - Longbow, Extinction - Arachnos, Siege - Vanguard, Tempest - Malta, Terror - Crey)

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Re: Character Testimonials
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My name is Super Fire dragon.
I was wondering something.  Something very important to me.
Do you got any cheese?
I don't know when City of Heroes will return, or do I?