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Interim Terms of Use
« on: December 05, 2012, 03:02:01 PM »
It has become evident that we'll need to develop some sort of official code of conduct or terms of use. Until we have time to write something more proper, I wanted at least to put a few things up to serve in the interim.

By and large our forthcoming code of conduct can probably be summarized by Wheaton's Law: Don't be a dick.

When you post on our forums, you're granting Titan an irrevocable license to host the post you've made. We allow a limited amount of post editing and deletion because it can be helpful for day to day life on the forums. However, you are not supposed to delete or edit posts in a way that would be disruptive to the forums. Once your post is part of a conversation, it is generally expected to remain as such unless there is a specific reason to remove that specific post.

I would like to remind everybody that our moderator staff are all volunteers. Unlike the moderators at the former official forums, our moderators are not paid to deal with crap. They are also not on call and available at all hours. They have lives and do their moderation in their spare time. You are expected to work with our moderators when issues arise. If you make a request or express a concern, you are expected to be patient while we try to resolve your issue.