Author Topic: What are you playing now? Share with everyone  (Read 29130 times)


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Re: What are you playing now? Share with everyone
« Reply #300 on: February 16, 2017, 10:01:48 PM »
Free Lethal League steam code for someone - WIVLY-PFP8C-NYHNR
and Chroma Squad - 2LD3W-MI3T9-GDD43

Also if anyone doesn't know about it Humble Bundle's doing their big 100% charity 30 buck freedom bundle right now. Tons of games in it (though they're out of codes for a couple for new buyers).

And I'm playing a lot of Mobius Final Fantasy - running around in Mako reactors with the FF7 music again is a blast. Far as I can tell there's never a reason to spend a nickel on the game either.
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Re: What are you playing now? Share with everyone
« Reply #301 on: February 18, 2017, 12:49:05 AM »
Currently it's Elder Scrolls Online. i'd pretty much stopped playing over a year ago, but the addition of housing and the upcoming addition of the island of Morrowind convinced me to go back. Started over with a new Sorcerer as i like to start fresh if i've been away from an MMO for a long time and it's a lot better than when i left. The auto-scaling of level for all zones and the rest of the changes have made it much better in my opinion, i'm having quite a bit of fun. Still mostly treating it as a solo game with random chat, but i plan to do some group content soon.
One of things i miss most is my whimsically named PB, general incompetence. With his battlecry of "I know what I'm doing!" he only achieved 30 levels of making villains look bad before the shutdown.
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Re: What are you playing now? Share with everyone
« Reply #302 on: Yesterday at 02:05:45 AM »
In the realm of video games, Fallout 4.

... should I count tabletop games of Scion and Pathfinder?  Those are really what I'm enjoying right now.  (Scion has me playing a masked luchador - yes, he wears the mask all the time, like El Santo, his hero - who is the son of the Aztec god of war Huitzilopochtli, while Pathfinder sees me playing a gnome bard, where the character has already died and been reincarnated as a female half-orc.  She's handling the sex change fine, but she doesn't actually like being so tall).

Soon to be accompanied by an Against The Dark Yogi game where I'll be playing a Legendary Indian hero based loosely on Michael Knight (because "Charioteer", which comes with its own special vehicle and a driver, is actually a class in AtDY), and we might be putting together a Call of Cthulhu game where I'll probably playing a woman named Lady Florence Beatrice Huntington (inspired by a recent Judge John Hodgman episode about Flowbees and a Tumblr post)
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