Author Topic: CoH Devs - Job Opportunity with Storybricks  (Read 1061 times)


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CoH Devs - Job Opportunity with Storybricks
« on: April 24, 2013, 04:39:08 PM »
On the off-chance that some of our devs are still looking for work and occasionally follow these forums, I wanted to post up this job opening that came across my RADAR today.

It's a game AI programming job with Storybricks. The "fully funded MMO" is Everquest Next from SOE. I know that because I got a newsletter from Storybricks that linked to the job posting shown above.

I thought Storybricks had folded given how quiet they've been but apparently they landed a big client instead.

Storybricks is not a game. It's a system for building story logic and NPC controls using modular "bricks" that you can imagine as stacking together like Lego bricks. The logic can be very simple or it can be very deep, such that it describes a characters motivations, likes, dislikes, etc... so that a NPC can react in many different ways depending on the circumstances under which they meet a player character.

In the early days of the LASER, they called it a solution looking for a problem. Storybricks is like that in many ways. Hearing that SOE has hired them makes EQ Next rather more interesting to me now. Anyway, a game dev could do a lot worse than what appears to be a more-or-less guaranteed two year contract to develop a product for SOE.